Learn more about what makes our way of doing business
and helping to manage your project time & money different
from pretty much everybody else in the Supply business.
So take the 7 step tour below and Try before you Buy!
STEP ONE: Intake.
The Oil Business is our beat, and has been for over three decades.
Your order begins here, with a phone call or a walk in. We specialize
in listening, first, and we have a trained ear and a dedicated work ethic.

STEP TWO: The TexSon Difference!
Oilfield Supply means Analysis, and Analysis means Advice.We are not just 'Order Takers'. We'll make sure your order is complete by making recommendations for any additional items you may need to complete your order.

Our 30 years in this business make our Professional Analysis all the more accurate and vital in your quest to keep costs due to project delays at a minimum!

STEP THREE: Order Revision & Update.
With your go ahead, your order will then be updated to assure you have a complete package that will serve you from the get go with no related project delays.
STEP FOUR: Efficient Order Transfer.
We know our way around the Oilpatch. We are often able to offer Direct Transfer of your order to the job site, unlike other firms that simply add you to an already crowded route.

STEP FIVE: We Deliver- Period.
Your order will arrive complete and in good shape, ready to go from the moment you unpack it, no delays, no mixups, no redos necessary.

STEP SIX: Account Service & Invoicing
Your invoice becomes part of a growing account profile, where we take care to develop a resource that will allow us to provide you with customer service that exceeds the standard of plain old Order Taking to real Customer Service.
STEP SEVEN: Savings all the way around.
We save you money, every single time, guaranteed. We help your project dollar stretch, as well as avoiding needless project delays that cost you in terms of billiable hours on the job site that go to waste every day due to badly processed and poorly assessed orders to project groups just like yours.
Let us go to work for YOU!
We have provided a broad sample of our most popular lines with manufacturers links to help you get OUR to get list in good shape for YOUR order.
Dont see what you're looking for on this page or anywhere else on TexSon.com? Let us go to work for YOU!
YOU NAME IT, we can get it for you, and have it delivered on time and IN QUANTITY

CONTACT US 24/7: Main Office: 432 580 0328 + FAX: 432-580-7117
EMAIL: Texsonsply@att.net FIND US: CLICK HERE FOR MAP + VISIT: M-F, 7:30AM-5:30PM