When I started TexSon Supply I wanted to make sure my wife, my family, my friends and my community would be proud of every aspect, from sales, to service to spirit. I wanted to build a company that inspired me and everyone around me; a company that could stand strong on a good work ethic, the manners of the Pioneers, a great attitude, and solid, Republic of Texas business practice. Our customers deserve to have the best from our employees; hard work, respect, and shirts buttoned, boots polished, as much as the TexSon Family is privileged to serve those customers.

I grew up in West Texas and Central Texas.
My parents both taught me and my siblings the same values. My brother and I learned to work the oilfields and ranches of Texas. Both work environments gave us life lessons and taught us the value of the great Southwestern work ethic; keeping a good attitude if at all possible, keeping our shoulder to the plough, and getting the job right accountably with no excuses.

My parents gave me a life long yearning for Texas History.

My family goes back 7 generations in Texas, to the great Republic of Texas. My Dad & Grandparents both told and retold our Texas History to us kids, and we grew to love it and rely upon it as much as we loved & relied on the ones that told it to us. This gave me a strong sense of History, Pride and Self common to all true Texans, and laid the groundwork for the personal confidence necessary to serve my customers like they were my own family. There would be no opportunity in this State without that history, as well as the sacrifices of the people of the Republic who made it all possible. We owe them all a daily debt of gratitude.

We also are very human.
I have learned over the years that people in the oilfield are not only rough, tough, hardworking people, but that when they suffer from real need, they no have problem admitting it. I have seen the heart and soul of these kind of people, and it is good through and through. I have been privileged to serve them in time of need: business, personal, spiritual, financial, and now they are blessing me and my Family in our time of need. These are the Lord's People, and have the Word of the Lord on their hearts out there in the oilpatch, turning wrenches, blushing a little if they cuss and serving the Nation & Empire State with a good spirit. This is why TexSon has always been happy to work with our regional & Texas Charities, really our extended Family.

TexSon Production, Plant, Pipeline, & Industrial Supplies:
TexSon Supply offers competive pricing and the best service and industry analysis in the business year round. You will not regret trusting your project and business to us. Cliff Minor and I (Clark Coburn) both represent over 65 years in our industry, and our combined knowledge and devotion to our values & clients assures you the competent and gracious service & outcome you deserve for trusting your business to TexSon Supply.

"We can go to work just as soon as you reply"
Clark Coburn, President
TexSon Supply, L.L.C. Odessa, Texas.

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